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Economic Viability of Farming | Webinar 15.09.2017

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 16:02

Economic Viability of Farming | Webinar 15.09.2017

This webinar will present a GCP proposed definition of the economic viability of farming by defining which aspects form a part of it and which of these GCP will focus its efforts upon, i.e. a proposal for a GCP scope for the economic viability of farming. Learn more about the Economic Viability of Farming CAN here: http://www.globalcoffeeplatform.org/t... Learn more about our Collective Action Networks here: www.globalcoffeeplatform.org/the-global-platform/collective-action-networks Visit www.globalcoffeeplatform.org and find out how we enable the coffee sector's journey to sustainability.

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