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Notes from Gender & Youth Session during MA

Tue, 10/25/2016 - 09:59

Key findings:

  • Interest of participants to move forward on the gender and youth
  • Good to collect and share already made experiences in order to create concrete and tangible tools for private sector to incorporate gender and youth in their work
  • The goal for the Gender and youth workstream should be to raise awareness, provide clear guidance for implementation and then integration in each activity as a cross cutting theme. It is important that Gender and Youth are not treated as a marginal topic but become more as a part of business from the perspective of it being a leverage that has been underutilize so far. But there is still the need for more clear guidelines to support for it to become a normal business practice.
  • One of the main issues: Issue: getting internal stakeholders aligned and their buy in is still one of the main challenges in industry. Consult with industry partners to create a strong proposition.
  • Building competences of females and well as well their recognition. Not only about coffee, it is also about farms and communities. These can make the big differences.

Actions to be taken:

  • Clear show how members can actively engage in this workstream, this could be done via the GCP portal??


What activities are you currently aware of/doing?


  • Direct support to groups doing work around women's issues:
    • IWCA, Coffee Kids, Grounds for Health, CQI PGE
    • Validating metrics of reference frameworks - GCP, CQI PGE
  • Direct interventions:
    • Linking women exporters to markets
    • Women's savings accounts for coffee payments
    • Financial literacy training for women
    • Women's entrepreneurship training (global alliance for clean cookstoves)
    • Support for organizational empowerment - women's groups
    • Financial support of women led businesses …. example cooperative in Honduras
    • Implementing gender and youth programmes with farmer and farmer organizations - together with private sector
    • Implementing tools such as GALS, gender surveys

  • Identifying and fostering role models- hidden influencers - example of government policy with female quotas, company policies to create pipeline of potential women in leadership positions, non-traditional positions
  • Document good experiences on gender (tell the story). Articles on building evidence on impact form gender action in coffee
  • Ensuring integration of women in (extension) training - measuring and evaluating - understanding the links between gender and outcomes (quality, livelihoods, etc)
  • Gender training (about gender issues) and gender sensitive training (access, participation…)
  • Integrate gender as cross cutting theme for all topics - example - sector partnership programs- requiring it not just of ourselves but partners
  • Farming as a Family
  • Diagnostic tools to gather data - rural development framework
  • Coffee toolkit (farming as a family business)
  • Mapping women in the value chain- awareness of what exists, gaps - context specific interventions


  • Cool agronomy training in schools
  • Nutrition education (NHK - Nestle's program)
  • Financial literacy training for youth
  • Generational relay among nationwide urbanization trends
  • Engage youth in value chain activities other than production
  • Succession planning
  • Uganda coffee youth team training
  • Coffee tool kit
  • Technical training for youth - business skills for coffee and industry
  • Intern exchange scheme - example Brasil or Kenya to Europe, exchange in country, internships throughout value chain including peer learning
  • Document good experiences on youth (tell the story) - share?


  • Lack of awareness, gendered (gender biased) institutions
  • Lack of data and monitoring tools
  • Lack of women role models - social norm bias
  • Consider culture in all approach/country specific (issues/norms/etc)
  • Lack of youth role models
  • Youth studies - "a Future in Coffee" case studies/good practices
  • How to engage and promote youth in taking over the farm "How to make it cool"

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