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SPF August update

Wed, 08/16/2017 - 23:04

This meeting was to give an update on the proposal for indicators to start reporting on.

A list of 21 was presented, there is need for meeting participants to review the list and prioritize them so that we can have at least 4 per issue area to start with.

The survey to prioritize this is here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GCP_Common_Indicators

We will then have an exersise modeling the chosen ones,

The next meeting is on the 7th which will discuss the choice of reporting tool.

The recording of the meeting is available here https://youtu.be/mDsIHw3412g

and here for those without youtube access

The 21 indicators are:

Improved Livelihoods

  • % above national poverty lines (impact)
  • % reduction in workplace accident (outcome)
  • Number / % of children in form of child labour (outcome)
  • number / % of workers in form of forced labour (outcome)
  • % increase of workers earning above minimum/ living wage (outcome)
  • Attendance and active enrolment to school, disaggregated by boys and girls (outcome)
  • Number of Days Without Sufficient Food (outcome)


  • % increase in profit (impact)
  • % improvement in asset base to cushion farmer and worker (impact)
  • % increase in sustainable purchases by buyer (outcome)
  • productivity improvement to optimal target (outcome
  • % meeting agreed quality parameter in country (outcome)
  • Reduction of cost per kg to optimal cost (outcome)
  • Increased share of FOB price to farmer (outcome)
  • Increased access to finance (outcome)
  • Increased diversification. (outcome)

Conserve Nature

  • Product Environmental Foot. reduction (impact)
  • % area of deforested, (could be remotely checked) (outcome)
  • % water use reduction (outcome)
  • % reduction in pesticide/ agrochemical usage (outcome)
  • optimised fertiliser application based on soil analyses (outcome)
  • % organic matter in the soil (outcome)
  • % reduction in energy use (outcome)
  • Area set aside for conversation (outcome)
  • % reduction in Green house gas (outcome)

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