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Fri, 10/20/2017 - 12:03

What is the ‘Happy Family Happy Coffee’ Toolkit?

The Toolkit contains resources to implement a practical training methodology that:

Delivers technical training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) on coffee production

Empowers women, youth and men farmers to implement and fully benefit from GAPs

Improves relationships and trust between farmers, companies, traders and service providers


using the diagram tools and participatory facilitation techniques of Gender Action Learning for Sustainability (GALS) methodology

The curriculum can be used and adapted by staff in coffee companies, cooperatives and service organisations and in training of promoter farmers to:

improve relationships with farmers through increasing understanding of their needs and trust

enable more cost-effective targeting and better focus, understanding and implementation of technical trainings

improve planning in farm households to promote self-reliance and increase their benefits from coffee

promote inclusion and empowerment of women and youth in quality coffee production ie the key workers in the sector for the future.

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