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A guide for small holder farmers on saving, accessing credit, and effectively managing money for improved livelihoods

T6, 10/20/2017 - 15:32

What you need to know to effectively manage money matters

Access to agriculture finance is a hot topic in Uganda, especially for small scale farmers. There is a lot of talk in the sector about working together to remove barriers for small holder farmers to access value chain financing. Most recently the 2011 Zipping Finance and Farming Event in Kampala and The Bank of Uganda/ GIZ Agricultural Finance Yearbook1 marked the issues well. The work on this guide is part of a wider agenda promoted by the APF Agri-Hub Uganda. Through multistakeholder collaboration APF members seek to foster a better understanding of the financial services landscape and an appropriate design of interventions informed by realities of the ground. This includes regular financial market place events to bring together farmers, financial service providers and intermediaries. Findings and lessons are used to engage with government and civil society actors responsible for deepening financial services to smallholder actors

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